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Going Back To School After Having Begun Work: Pros & Cons

Many of us have decided to begin working, naturally after we finish our University degree. In many cases this is the normal way the drill goes. You take to school, to choose your career, you study very hard, you take exams, and finally you graduate, and join the corporate world, where things are less flattering, where work is mostly subjective, and where most of the stuff you have learned in school goes down the garbage dump.

The process of going through that was completely fine by me, as work was really teaching me as much as it was discarding the memories of what I have been learning for the past eighteen to twenty years. That doesn’t really matter as life really is nothing but a process of learning and adapting. I honestly believe there is no age for learning, there isn’t an age to grow your mind there is always something more a person can learn.

And since I am at this crossroad of choosing what will happen next with my life, I have started looking into the option of moving abroad for my Master’s Degree, and with that come life’s most challenging decisions for the 20 something millennial. So I broke it down onto a list of the things I expect will bother me.

Finances: Having a job means a steady salary, and with the balance of a master’s degree, one can only hope for time to work, hence spending and making will be cut short!

Independence: A job means a hell lot of responsibility and independence. At times work allows you to interact with individuals through a community, or a corporate lifestyle. This corporate lifestyle does not stay corporate you make friends at work, you create your own surroundings, and your own space. Going back to school means that this has to be rebuilt once and again once I finish with my master’s degree.

Parallel Community: Belonging to a community is a very reassuring thing, however when you have a job you already have created a community you are comfortable living in. Having to go back to school means having to meet new people, having to work with new people, who may come from very vastly different background.

Overall the experience already proves to have so many challenges. We cannot wait to embark on this experience, to tell you all about it.

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