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What is Daylight Saving Time?

some countries use daylight saving time to save light during winters and summer

Although not practiced here in Qatar, many parts of the world have something called Daylight Saving Time.

As seasons change, many countries around the world either set their clocks back or forward to add an hour more of light each day. This practice is called daylight saving time and has

daylight saving

The closer you live to the equator the more likely it is that the length of both day and night is somewhat equal. However, the further you are from the equator, the larger the gap between gets.

The closer you live to either poles (North & South), the longer days get during summer and shorter during winters. To beat this, and so that people don’t go about their days in the middle of the pitch dark night, daylight saving time was introduced.

daylight saving infographic

The idea was first proposed by George Hudson in 1895, and was implemented nationwide for the first time by The German Empire and Austria-Hungary on April 30, 1916.

Since then, many countries have adapted a variant of summer time, especially after the energy crisis during the 1970s.

Since days are longer during summers, people tend to spend less time at home and plan more outdoor activities. During this time, people don’t turn on their home appliances and lights, thus saving energy, which was once in short supply.


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