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Instagram Introduces ‘Close Friends’ List

you can now create a close friends list for instagram stories

Sometimes you want to post an Instagram Story that only the closest to you should see, and now you can.

You know that feeling of reluctance when you want to share a certain moment with the people closest to you, but feel reluctant to share it on Instagram because everyone might see it? Well, the new ‘close friends’ list was invented just for that.

This feature isn’t new per say. Back in 2017, Instagram announced that it was experimenting with a feature called “favorites”. It was a reimagination of the way we use the photo sharing app, and more particularly, how we communicates with other over it.

With the ‘close friends’ feature, you can create a special friend’s list that includes only the people you consider close or special, which you can then chose to send private stories to.

The ‘close friends’ list is easy to set up. Take a photo or video using the Stories as you would usually, and after your photo is ready, tap on the new green circle with a star in it. It will redirect you to the ‘close friends’ list, where you can add friends to it, or have them removed from it.

However, friends will not be notified that you added them to the list; if they’re on it they are, and if they aren’t they just aren’t. Nor can friends request to be on your ‘close friends’ list.

This is actually great, because anytime anyone asks you why they haven’t been seeing more of you on Instagram, you can just claim that you haven’t been active lately.

Now that you’re out of reasons to not share stories, get snapping and start sharing. Your close friends are waiting.

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