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Netflix Taps Into Comic Book Industry With Mark Millar

netflix, mark millar and millarworld just revealed the first netflix comic book The MAgic Order

It wasn’t long ago that Netflix purchased Millarworld, now Mark Millar’s first Netflix comic book is almost in stores.

When we heard that Netflix and Mark Millar were teaming up, we all lost it and prepared for something great. This June is the time to see if our faith was in the right place.

This the first look at The Magic Order, a comic book written by Millar with artwork from Marvel superstar Olivier Coipel (Thor, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man).

By day they are disguised as our neighbors, colleagues and friends, but at night they protect us from the forces of darkness. Five families of magicians make up The Magic Order, and have sworn to protect the world from the evil.

But what happens when evil and darkness attacks them first?

The first volume of The Magic Order will be six issues long, and will be released in comic book stores and other outlets on June 13. The issues will also be available in digital format.

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