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Vaping Could Increase Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease

Vaping (inhaling vape through an e-cigarette) has been linked to increased risk of cancer and heart disease

A recent study has showed that vaping (smoking e-cigarettes) is linked to increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

Smoking e-cigarettes, an act commonly known as vaping, has been found to damage DNA and put your body at more risk of developing cancer or heart disease, study warns.

Scientists at the New York University School of Medicine screened laboratory mice that have been exposed to vape smoke and found it harmful.

The mice exposed to the smoke were found to have more DNA damage in the heart, lungs and bladder than those mice who were inhaling cleaner air.

Also, their internal DNA repair systems, which is your body’s defense against cancer, were also badly damaged.

Nicotine had similar effect in humans as well. Exposure to nicotine and its derivatives in human lung and bladder cells showed that they were also more likely to develop cancer.

While marketed off as healthier than cigarettes, e-cigarettes are no healthy at all. Not being as harmful as tobacco cigarettes does not mean that they are not harmful at all.

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and organic solvents, and while most of it is broken down into non-toxic cotinine some of it is metabolized into carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Don’t go for something just because it’s being marketed off as the healthier option, it does not mean that it is healthy at all, just not as bad, yet bad.

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