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Qatar Among Laziest Countries in The World

A Stanford University report found the people of Qatar and other Arab nations among the laziest in the world, based on average number of steps per day data

Qatar – as well as other Arab nations – are among the laziest countries in the world according to a research report from Stanford University.

A team of researchers from Stanford University collected activity data in the form of number of daily steps taken from more than 700,000 participants worldwide, and found Qatar, as well as three other Arab nations, at the bottom of the list.

According to the July 2017 report published in the science journal Nature, the people of Qatar are the sixth laziest in the world. It was also found the people of Saudi Arabia are second laziest in the world, after Indonesia, while Egypt fell 9th and the United Arab Emirates 11th.

The Saudi people walk an average of 3,807 steps per day, while the Qatari people walk an average of 4,158 steps, the Egyptians 4,315 and the Emiratis 4,516 steps per day.

Sadly, the UAE’s 11th spot marks also the best performance by an Arab nation participating the study.

Hong Kong topped the list as most active, where the locals take an average of 6,880 steps per day, with China (6,189 steps per day) as a close second. Other countries among the 10 most active countries in the world are Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland, respectively, recording averages of between 6,107 and 5,512 steps per day.

The study collected data from 717,527 people using the built-in accelerometry in their smartphones to measure physical activity at a global scale, giving them insights on activity in 111 countries.

To learn more about what these figures mean and their connection to obesity and health, visit the Activity Inequality, the study’s official website.

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