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Meet Sonia And Fyza Ali

Get to know beauty bloggers Sonia and Fyza Ali, who have gained huge popularity for their stunning looks and striking resemblance to the Kardashians.

Social media is obsessed with the Ali sisters Sonia and Fyza for their striking resemblance to US fashion moguls Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Kylie Jenner, but you should know them for much more than that.

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In reality, the two ladies are beyond iconic beauty bloggers, with more than half a million followers on their shared Instagram profile @SoniaxFyza.

Fans eagerly wait to catch the latest trends and tips the sisters have to share. Fyza is a makeup artist and beauty expert, while Sonia is the muse and fashionista. However, both are simply stunning and addicting.

We reached out to Sonia and Fyza with a few questions to get to know them better.

Sonia describes herself as “your regular girly girl everyone can relate to.” “I’m a beauty fanatic that loves glitter on everything,” she says.

On the other hand, Fyza describes herself as a go-getter. “I’m very blunt and I know what I want.”

The sisters are known as a team, but they see themselves very differently from one another.

“[I’m the] complete opposite of Fyza,” says Sonia. “The only thing we had in common is the love for beauty (like every other woman in the world).” Fyza says that if you ever happened to see them around, you’d notice that she’s “more loud and open.”

Despite being featured in widely circulated newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Sun, as well as Cosmopolitan and MTV, they “don’t feel the fame” yet.

Even with all the hype, Sonia says “we take each day as it comes and try to get used to it, while staying real and close to our followers.”

Their unique style and creativity has led them to work with some popular names in fashion like models Chantel Jeffries, Naomie Harris, Karrueche Tran and Dorothy Wang, as well as fashion designers like Sophia Webster and Matthew Williamson.

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For this season, the sister’s fashion tip is to “mix your clothing with designer and high street.”

“It gives it an edge!”

As for the number one rule for doing your own makeup, they say: “make sure to have great lighting first.”

“For events with different timings throughout the day, you want to use different lighting. For example, don’t use natural light for an evening or indoor event.”

To address the question on everyone’s mind – their reaction when told they look like Kim and Kylie – they say “it’s always funny because we don’t see it.”


“We don’t get the comparison in the Middle East as often as [in] the US, because a lot of females here have a similar look.”

But as makeup artists and fashion experts, the real question is how they react when people ask them to deliver the Sonia and Fyza look.

“When people usually ask [us] to make them look like [either] us or a certain celebrity, we always like to tell them to go for something that’s best suited for them.”

“Every woman is beautiful and we want to enhance what they already have,” while more importantly, “they always end up loving the results.”

What small secrets about yourself could you share with our readers?

Sonia – I have OCD!
Fyza – I have a weird phobia… I am terrified of tiny holes, it is called Trypophobia.

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When they are not busy creating beauty, you can find them busy teaching it. Fyza’s makeup and fashion classes have drawn huge audiences, both in the Middle East and Europe.

“They’re different because when I teach a class it’s more than just bringing a pretty model on the stage to demonstrate makeup on. I like to educate my followers on what to do and why when doing their makeup. I go into depth with history and formula, benefits and I answer every question.”

To stay up-to-date with Sonia and Fyza and get latest beauty and fashion tips, follow their blog, as well as their Instagram profile @SoniaxFyza.

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