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Wasp Venom Might Be The End Of Cancer

Wasp Venom Might Be The End Of Cancer

Wasp venom from a social species native to Brazil might be the newest way to effectively end cancer very quickly.

Scientists in Brazil claim to have found a wasp venom that is a great cancer killer. The relatively Brazilian wasps contain a toxin in their sting that can kill cancer cells near instantaneously without harming normal cells.

A team of researchers at the University of Brazil say that their new experimental therapy made from the toxin locks onto tumor cells and makes them leak vital molecules. The molecules are essential to the growth of the tumor, and without them it would die out within seconds.

The treatment is still in its early stages and will need to undergo some more studies before it is proven completely safe and effective in humans.

If found effective, the unwelcome stings of the monster wasps might become one of the most appreciated venomous stings in the world.

The secret behind the stings lies in a toxin called MP1, which is used by insects to attack preys and defend themselves against predators. A recent study of MP1 on mice suggests that it can seek out and destroy cancer cells.

The way MP1 works is, it likes to interact with fat molecules, which heavily cover the surface of cancer cells. MP1 cracks holes into the outer membrane of the cells, leading molecules crucial for the to its function to leak out.

Only more research and time will tell how practical this method is, but if found effective, wasp venom might become everyone’s favorite therapy.

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