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FIFA Fans Could Live In Tents In The Desert During Qatar 2022

FIFA Fans Could Live In Tents In The Desert During Qatar 2022

Qatar will be testing the feasibility of tents to house Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup fans.

Qatar 2022 World Cup organizers announced that they are looking into housing some of the tens of thousands of football fans expected to fly in for the games in temporary desert villages. A tender for the construction of a trial village has already been issued by the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy (SCDL), the organizing body of the Qatar World Cup.

This is the country’s way of offering affordable accommodation for football fans visiting during the tournament. At the moment, Qatar’s tourist accommodation is dominated by high-end hotels, while the country is racing to finish housing and infrastructure to support the amount of expected fans in 2022.

A small tent village in Qatar - for illustrative purposes onlyThe committee officials revealed that there are works for a pilot village near Sealine beach resort next to Al Wakrah, where a 300,000 square meter site will be developed into a desert community of 350 temporary and 300 permanent Arabian-style tents able to accommodate some 2,000 fans.

The affordable villages will come equipped with on-site entertainment, including large screens to show the games, as well as shops and health centers.

FIFA regulations require the availability of 60,000 rooms for fans and officials before the games, but so far Qatar has around 20,000 hotel rooms and apartments, most of which are expensive five-star facilities.

Despite all efforts, Qatar is expected to not have more than 46,000 rooms by 2022, and are therefore looking into the possibility of tent villages. Another option they are looking into are cruise ships, which can provide an additional 6,000 rooms and accommodate some 12,000 fans.

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