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Garangao – The 14th of Ramadan Festival

The whole of Qatar are preparing for the 14th night of Ramadan, otherwise known as the Garangao festival to locals. Garangao is the annual celebration on the 14th night of the holy month of Ramadan.

During Garangao children dress up in traditional clothes and hang a bag around their necks, where they collect nuts and candy from adults.

Each year, venues around Qatar prepare for the event with song, dance and activities.

One of the activities most liked by children, very similar to trick or treating, they get dressed up in festival robes, carry a bag around their neck, and go around in groups throughout their neighborhoods, singing, going door to door, and receiving nuts and candy from adults.

This year Garangao happens to land on the 19th of June, the 14th of the holy month of Ramadan which started on the 6th of June.

The festival is anticipated all over the Arab Gulf, with different names in different countries. It is known as Garangao in Qatar and Bahrain, Karkee’aan or Qariqaan in Saudi Arabia, Gargee’aan in Kuwait, Garangashoch, At-Tablah or Qarnakosh in Oman and Hag Al Leylah in UAE.

We will monitor the festivities here at The Life Pile, and will report back on this year’s activities.

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