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Qatar Increases Charity During Ramadan

As always, Qatar is on top of charity this year. While a huge part of the world is preparing for the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, Qatar has pledged millions in charity through governmental and charity organizations.

The Qatar Red Crescent Society has announced their plans of dedicating QR 96 million on food, healthcare, development and rehabilitation projects, both in Qatar and 15 other countries during Islam’s holiest month.

With QR 3.1 million pledged to programs in Qatar, such as air-conditioned tents where the less fortunate and needy can have a good meal for iftar, the break of fast, Eid clothes drives, and initiatives for ill children in hospitals.

Their effort is to feed more than 100,000 people, with the tents catering for over 6000 people daily in 2015. Most of the people attending the iftar tents are blue-collar expats, who usually send a large percentage of their income back home to support their families.

The charity also announced that it will be spending QR 7.8 million on iftar meals and food packages during the whole month for more than 126,000 families in Palestine, Jerusalem, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic and Ethiopia, as well as Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon.

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