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On Qatar’s Finest: Noudar Jewelry

Al Fardan is known for being, Qatar’s best and finest jewelry retailer. Al Fardan is a brand which has embodied luxury, design, and jewelry at its best, and lately we were happy to learn that one member of this family, has become a name in the world of fine jewelry. Noor Al Fardan grew up surrounded by all things luxury, she was destined to choose the path of design, and glamour, which she pursued when creating her very own jewelry line.henna2

Noudar is the brand name for Noor Al Fardan’s jewelry; she works on combining the aesthetics and splendor of Arabian heritage, with sophistication, and clean design. We genuinely love her line of jewelry, and we love how it represents the orient, however with an edge, and with mere sophistication.henna1

The brand name, derives from the Arabic, and means gold! Noor Al Fardan, the founder and designer of Noudar Jewels, has always had an avid love of watches and the mechanisms behind the art ofjewelry, this has allowed for her to emphasize the importance of craftsmanship in order for her brand to enable more comfort, movement and flexibility within her designs.

Noodar’s designs have a certain reminiscence of mosaics, a cameo with appeal of epic proportion, the elegant yet edgy ring adornments are meticulously crafted to wrap around the finger. Noudar’s clientele is women with a keen eye for jewelry, which complements feminine beauty, and strength.fingbr1

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