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Images Of Women In 19th Century Iran To Be Displayed At The Museum Of Islamic Art In Doha

We are always on the lookout for the best in Qatari art, and the latest exhibitions to see around Doha. So we have recently learned of an amazing must see upcoming exhibition. Happening in the Museum of Islamic Art, the exhibition is showcase from the 8th of April, until the 11th of June.

The exhibition is titled Qajar Women, and it offers a close look at images of women from 90th century Iran. The collection demonstrates the centrality of women in the artistic expression of 19th-century Iran and explores how these historic innovations continue to inspire contemporary artists.

One of the paintings on display in the exhibition is especially fascinating; it consists of an oil painting on canvas featuring a female musician playing the târ, which is an instrument that resembles the Oud, or guitar, it is a string instrument with a fingerboard, that is still to date a cultural and folk instrument played in areas such as Afghanistan, Armenia, and Iran.

The displayed paintings will illustrate the essence of Qajar beauty and aesthetics during the 19th century, and how the women of Iran were portrayed during that period. Giving emphasis on their beauty, and the impressions portrayed through their art, they show women with emphasis on the proportions of the woman’s body, the thick and strong eyebrows, the almond eyes and the aquiline nose, as well as the hands and feet artistically colored with henna. The rich colors and decorations on the fabrics with the other detailed elements in the designated era’s painting provide a stylized representation of luxury and refinement at the Qajar court.

The exhibition as mentioned will be displayed at the Museum of Islamic art, and will happen from the 8th of April, till the 11th of June, make sure to drop by, and check out the beautiful art.

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