What to visit

The Souk Waqif Bucket List

Souq Waqif is a top destination in Doha, and one that you should definitely visit once you are there. You can take a walk in the souq and admire its bustling street life, but make sure to do at least one of these activities to have a genuine Qatari experience.

Eat an oriental sweet

Kunafeh is one oriental treat you will never forget after having your first bite. This cheese-based dessert, soaked with sweet sugar syrup, is usually eaten as an afternoon snack or even as a breakfast meal. Try it once and you will surely want to repeat this experience many times during your stay.

Browse beautifully crafted oriental gold jewelry

You can find the gold souq in the arts and crafts area and there you can buy some intricate pieces of jewelry according to their weight. If you want something more affordable, you can find other shops at Souq Waqif, although they are of a lesser quality.

Buy an Arabian perfume

There are many perfume shops scattered around Souq Waqif but the Arabian scents are the most sought after by the residents and tourists. Although oud, wood burned for its smell, is very strong, some people can’t imagine leaving Qatar without buying some.

Get up close to animals

And when we say animals, we mean ones you will most likely only encounter in Qatar or other Arabian countries. These would be the camels and falcons. You can find herds of camels by the corniche while falcons are spotted in the falcon souq and we must say they are remarkable creatures.

Choose a fun past time

Open until late at night, there are many coffee places at the souq where you can challenge a friend to a game of backgammon. If you are in a contemplative mood, sit in one of the cafés on the main streets of the souq to smoke a shisha and people watch or chill with friends.



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