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Patrick Roger: Our Favorite Chocolatier of All Time

Christmas is the ideal time for giving; it is the most holly time of year, even for individuals who do not celebrate Christmas in a religious fashion, it is the time of year where everyone recollects the good deeds, and the bad that was inflicted within the previous year, and during this time we try to make amends for all the ill, and we extend the good.

Undeniably this month, is the time most condensed with gifts, and gestures of kindness. When you think of making another individual happy, one ideally thinks of giving them an item that induces joy, and what better to give, than the gift of chocolate.

Patrick Roger 2

During a recent trip to Paris, I made a heavenly discovery; I discovered what became my favorite chocolate of all time.

One afternoon, while talking a stroll on the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, I could not help but smell a strong and gorgeous aroma of chocolate; to my luck, the smell came from inside a boutique called Patrick Roger. Luckily I had a free afternoon, so I decided to go inside and discover what has become my favorite chocolate of all time!

Patrick Roger 3

When you step into the boutique, the aroma intensifies and becomes super rich, and mouthwatering. A huge chocolate sculpture graces the room; a sculpture made purely out of chocolate, and essentially emitting a smell that forces you to try a piece or two; and when you do, you realize this is the most delicious chocolate you have ever tried!

I was in awe, so I had to try every chocolate there was inside, and no matter what the hue, the flavor, or the intensity of cacao inside, the chocolates were heaven, and the truffles were truly a must try.

The packaging for these chocolates, is just as stylish as the chocolaterie itself; in hues of green and black. The end product looked beautiful and tasted even more amazingly. Patrick Roger is really a must try, a great item to give for a gift, and a beautiful taste to have in your home.

Whenever you happen to be in Paris, make sure to drop by the boutique, or visit the Patrick Roger website, to find out more on where the boutiques are located, and discover what the chocolate artisans have in store for their fellow chocolate lovers.

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