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  • the most popular and favorite brands in the world
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    10 Most Popular Brands in The World

    Globalization has brought the world closer to the extent that you’ll find these popular brands anywhere you go. While each and every country has their favorite products, some brands are just…

  • List of richest cities in the world based on combined wealth of residents in USD trillion
    What to know

    List of Richest Cities in The World

    A recent study by New World Wealth has revealed the ten richest cities in the world, here they are. The report, prepared by New World Wealth, looked at the combined wealth…

  • top 5 movies of all time, the godfather, shawshank redemption, pulp fiction, citizen kane
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    Top 5 Movies of All Time

    There has been many great films throughout the years, but these are definitely the the top movies 5 of all time. One of the earliest films in history is was Sallie…

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    What To Eat If You Have Gluten Intolerance

    Gluten intolerance is a challenging thing to cope with, a very large percentage of carbohydrates and consumables have wheat, flour, or a gluten based ingredient. Hence individuals with gluten intolerance unfortunately,…

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    Who Won What At The Golden Globes Last Night

    Best motion picture, drama “Mad Max: Fury Road” “Carol”  “The Revenant” “Room” “Spotlight” Best motion picture, musical or comedy “Joy” “Spy” “The Big Short”  “The Martian” “Trainwreck” Best performance by an…