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  • List of richest cities in the world based on combined wealth of residents in USD trillion
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    List of Richest Cities in The World

    A recent study by New World Wealth has revealed the ten richest cities in the world, here they are. The report, prepared by New World Wealth, looked at the combined wealth…

  • top 5 movies of all time, the godfather, shawshank redemption, pulp fiction, citizen kane
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    Top 5 Movies of All Time

    There has been many great films throughout the years, but these are definitely the the top movies 5 of all time. One of the earliest films in history is was Sallie…

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    What To Eat If You Have Gluten Intolerance

    Gluten intolerance is a challenging thing to cope with, a very large percentage of carbohydrates and consumables have wheat, flour, or a gluten based ingredient. Hence individuals with gluten intolerance unfortunately,…

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    Who Won What At The Golden Globes Last Night

    Best motion picture, drama “Mad Max: Fury Road” “Carol”  “The Revenant” “Room” “Spotlight” Best motion picture, musical or comedy “Joy” “Spy” “The Big Short”  “The Martian” “Trainwreck” Best performance by an…