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Trapped Thai Football Team Finally Rescued From Cave

trapped Thai football team have been rescued from cave

The 12 junior football players could have stayed trapped in the cave for months, but are now rescued and safe.

All 12 Thai school boys – aged 11 to 16 – and their football coach have been saved from the cave in Chang Rai, northern Thailand, after having been trapped due to heavy rainfall.

The rescue mission was not easy. It required assistance from several nations, agencies and cost one Thai navy SEAL his life.

Prior to their discovery, the location of the junior football team had been unknown. Nine days later they were found 4 kilometers-deep in the cave, with floodwater blocking the entrance.

All together, the boys had to spend 17 days trapped on a high plateau inside the cave, without food, water or electricity, and with no way of contacting the outside world.

During the first two days of rescue efforts eight boys were saved, with the remaining five being rescued this morning and afternoon.

People all over the world expressed relief and happiness upon hearing the news. The story has caught huge international attention, and has inspired many to help and contribute in any way they can.

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