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Hanger Is a Real Emotion According to Science

hangry and hanger have become recognized as official words of the English language, which mean both hungry and angry

Feeling so hungry that you become angry is a real emotions scientists claim, they are calling hangry.

Do you feel frustrated and rageful then when you’re hungry? Well scientists have found that being hangry is more than just slang for extremely hungry.

Hanger is a real emotion that is triggered by your body in response to the direct need for food.

According to Sophie Medlin, a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics from King’s College in London, said that the hangry is “when our blood sugars drop, cortisol and adrenaline rise up in our bodies – our fight or flight hormones.”

When such hormones are released, they can affect the brain because of neuropeptide secretion.

“The ones that trigger for hunger are the same ones that trigger for anger and rage and impulsive type behaviours,” Ms Medlin explained.

That is why you respond both in anger and hunger, thus hanger. Also, it is harder to control emotions, as well as to concentrate, when brain’s sugar level drops.

Earlier this year it was announced that the world “hangry” will be added to Oxford English Dictionary, officially becoming a word of the English language.

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