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Katara Beach is Now Free

Residents can now enjoy Katara Beach at Katara Cultural Village for free

The beach at Katara Cultural Village in Doha is one of the most beautiful and well maintained beaches in the country.

Although close to central Doha, which makes it convenient for beach goers, the hefty entrance fee usually discouraged people from making full use of its golden shores.

Therefore, starting today (May 3, 2018), Katara Beach will be open for everyone, free of charge, The Peninsula reported.

Leading up to today, people had to pay a small fee – QR100 for adults and QR50 for kids – to make sure of the beach. However, today it is free and people are encouraged to also bring their own beach chairs and canopies with them.

With a warm weekend coming up, there couldn’t be any better news.

However, you will still need a day pass to bring down your inflatables. Children older than six will have to pass by Gate 1 or 5 to get the pass that costs QR50, while children below the age of six can use them for free.

Katara Beach opens daily from 9:30AM until sunset, while it remains open until 9:30PM on weekends.

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