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Google Chrome Release Best Update Yet

The new google chrome update prevents videos playing on their own

Google Chrome might be the easiest most comprehensive browser out there, and it just got more user friendly.

When you hear about the latest Google Chrome update, you’ll think two things: Yes! And why did it take them so long?

Are you ready for it?

The browser just removed their most annoying feature ever – the video autoplaying feature.

Prior to this update – Google Chrome 66 – videos would start playing, making sound, whether you were viewing that tab or not. Most times, the videos would autoplay at the worst moments, like while you were listening to something else.

A day ago, you would’ve had to manually mute sites, and then unmute them again, manually, whenever you wanted to play something with sound on the site again – it was a hassle.

However, videos will now not autoplay, unless…

Unless a particular website has been flagged as one you’ve “previously shown an interest in media on the site.”

Expect YouTube and similar website, which you’re used to play video on, to not mute automatically.

The same new features apply to the mobile version of the browser, unless you have a website saved in your homescreen.

So starting today, there is no such thing as sudden sounds and embarrassments at the office, because nothing is playing unless you ask it to.

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