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Buying The Perfect Gift From Qatar

Perfect gifts and souvenirs from Qatar

Travelling abroad anytime soon? These gifts from Qatar will make perfect souvenirs for friends and family.

Needless to say, never arrive somewhere empty handed. Whether you’re travelling abroad or going back home, always carry a small gift for the people waiting for you on the other side. A souvenir is more than just present, it is a token saying that you have kept the receiver in mind during your trip.

When it comes to buying your friends souvenirs, there are three things you should keep in mind:
Your gift should be personal and original.
Make sure it is related to the local culture of the country it is being bought in.
And most importantly, don’t over do it.

When it comes to Qatar, there are many small gifts you could carry with you abroad that captures the essence of the Qatari lifestyle, such as:

Local delicacies

Perfect gifts and souvenirs from Qatar

Whether you’re in Qatar or anywhere else in the Arab world, you will find all sorts of sweets and delicacies. Take back some stuffed dates, roasted nuts and kernels, or sugary sweets like halwa and baklava.


Perfect gifts and souvenirs from Qatar

Henna is a great gift, especially to women. With a tube of henna dye you can draw tens of beautiful designs over your skin, and with help of some stencils, you’ll be temporary tattoo artist.

Dallah set

Perfect gifts and souvenirs from Qatar

Probably one of the most stereotypical Arab practices, drinking tea or coffee is more than just having a drink, it’s a lifestyle. A beautiful dallah set changes one’s entire drinking experience.

Ardha sword

Perfect gifts and souvenirs from Qatar

While they are mainly used in traditional dances and performances, the Arabian swords used for Ardha also make beautiful home decorations.

Traditional dresswear

Perfect gifts and souvenirs from Qatar

This should be the first thing on everyone’s shopping list wherever they go. Nothing says Qatar (or Arab) more than a nice abaya or ghutra.

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