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5 Popular Beauty Tips That Are Not True

popular beauty tips about skin, beauty products, wearing bra to bed among other that are not true

Ladies, we have been fooled for too long. Here are five popular beauty tips that turned out to be completely false.

When it comes to looking young and beautiful, we are ready to do anything. While we jump to try any beauty tips we come across, many we have thought to be true and factual are in fact completely false.

These 5 popular beauty tips are no true

1. Wearing your bra to bed is good for your breasts.

Don't wear bra to bed

There’s nothing more tempting than sleeping your way to perkier breasts, but despite what you’ve read/heard/been told, wearing a bra to bed can damage your breasts.

Sleeping in a bra can constrict blood circulation to and from your breasts and can cause them to age, discolor and deflate more quickly. It can also cause skin irritation, prohibit a good night’s sleep, and darken the skin under the wire and straps.

2. Scrubs (and sponges) help fight acne.

Be careful choosing beauty products

The redness associated with acne is a sign of inflamed and irritated skin, what you need to do is use products that sooth your skin and cleans it without causing more damage or dryness.

Scrubs, even sponges and brushes, clean your skin by scrubbing off the outer layer of skin, which is mostly dead skin cells. While this is generally a good thing, these products are very rough on the skin and can cause more irritation and inflammation.

3. Bathroom cabinet storage.

store your beauty products correctly

While the bathroom cabinet is the most convenient (and popular) place to store your beauty products in, it is not the smartest.

The high temperatures and humidity can make your products expire faster. It is best to keep your beauty products in a cool, dry place, or the fridge if you don’t use them often.

4. Drying your skin helps cure acne and spots

protect your skin from dryness

Most acne and anti-spot treatments contain drying substances, such as benzoyl peroxide. Excessive dryness does not clear your skin, but might work to actually aggravate inflammation.

When buying skincare products, make sure they don’t include soap or any other “drying” agent.

5. Shaving your body hair will make it thicker

shave without fear

Well, some women just don’t have a choice but to shave regularly if they want to stay hairless and silky smooth.

Even if you feel that the hair is growing back thicker each time, it actually just an illusion. Because the hair is shorter and was cut at its thickest point, it will appear as if it is thicker than it was before, but in reality it is just as thick.

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