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Real Life Robocop On Dubai’s Police Force

Dubai Robocop

Robocop has a job again, and it is to patrol the streets of Dubai.

Dubai’s police force has officially become the world’s first law enforcement agency to have a real life robocop on the squad. While the robot policeman is not like the half-human half-robot from the Robocop movie, it is still pretty cool and futuristic.

The electric law enforcer officially entered the line of duty on Sunday, and was spotted patrolling the halls and greeting guests at the three-day Gulf Information Security Expo (GISEC).

This is not the only robot policeman the Dubai force are looking to employ. By 2030, the Emirate plans to have a police force that is made up of 25% robotic officers.

Weird or not, it seems like the city’s policemen have to get used to it as a partner.

The robotic police officer stands 1.7 meters high and weighs about 100 kilograms. It has the ability to read facial expressions and react to them, in six different languages.

In the near future, Dubai residents will be able to walk up to robocop and pay fines directly, or report a crime.

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