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12-Year-Old Nicole Barr Has Higher IQ Than Einstein

12-Year-Old Nicole Barr Has Higher IQ Than Einstein

A twelve-year-old girl has been hailed as a genius after scoring higher than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking at an IQ test.

Nicole Barr, a gypsy girl who is only 12 has achieved the maximum possible IQ score, beating some of the most genius people we know, including Einstein and Hawking.

The little girl lives within a travelling community in Harlow, Essex, England, and is reported to have scored 162 on an IQ test. The score is highest ever possible by a youth, which put her two points higher than Einstein and Hawking to stood at 160.

With the average adult IQ at 100 and a genius at 140, the girl is now classified among the smartest one percent in the world.

Nicole is currently in Year 7, the seventh school year in the UK’s schooling system, but always was ahead of her peers and could take on complex algebra before the age of ten, according to the Western Daily. She attends Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, and enjoys reading, singing and drama.

While academic institutions are probably lining up to offer her a seat in their classrooms, Nicole hopes to go to medical school and become a doctor once she’s old enough, and it’s pretty clear she can.

The head of the BMA group of six school, including the one Nicole is attending, Helena Mills, told the Western Daily that “Nicole is a brilliant pupil. She works incredibly hard and has thrown herself into many different activities in her first year with us”.

It is very rare that a person scores as high as either Einstein or Hawking on an IQ test, and it is even rarer that a child scores higher. We are sure that Nicole Barr has a life of achievement ahead of her and wish her the best.

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