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Qatar Reinforces Drones Ban

Qatari authorities have been stressing on the illegality of operating a flying drone without prior permission

Qatari authorities have been stressing on the illegality of operating and flying drones without prior permission.

Last year the Qatari authorities published a notice across various local media, stressing on the need for prior government issue permissions to fly drones across the Qatari skies. Over the past week these notices have reemerged, Doha News reported.

The country’s Civil Aviation Authority has been issuing notices across various newspapers across the country, reminding people that the usage of a drone over Qatari skies is against the law and be hazardous to the country’s air safety and navigation.

 Drone ban announcement - Doha News

Drone ban announcement.

To avoid legal action be taken against drone users, it is advised that people who want to take their unmanned aerial vehicle for a spin apply for a flying license.

Qatar has however been trying to create a policy regulating the usage of drones to make sure they don’t end up flying in restricted airspace, such as near the airport.

Last summer, the Qatar signed a five-year research deal with Texas A&M University in Qatar in hopes of developing local drone technology that can be used in defense, industry and commerce.

Over the past few years, drone technology has become much more advanced to a point they can be easily maneuvered and ordered to commit tasks from A to Z. This, along with their increased availability, has made it easy for anyone to purchase a drone and use it.

Several commerce services are looking into drone delivery services to deliver products faster and safer.

They have also become very popular with photographers as they give them the chance to shoot from angles they couldn’t reach before.

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