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Qatar Gets A Forest

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Qatar will soon have the biggest man-made forest in the region just north of Doha.

qatar-will-soon-have-the-biggest-man-made-forest-by-nakheel-landscapingIn the middle of the dessert, just some 50 km north of Doha, Qatar will build the biggest man-made forest in the region. The country’s harsh desert climate doesn’t really support big forests, but that is not a problem when you have vision and money.

Over an area stretched across 8.3 square kilometers, Nakheel Landscape will be planting over 95,000 trees from 28 different species to create the gulf’s largest man-made forest near Umm Slal Ali.

Nakheel Landscape announced that over 50% of the work is already completed and the forest can be expected to be ready by March 2017. They added that all trees are either native or near-native hardwoods, which can resist and strive in the desert climate of the area.

There will also be two lakes next to each other, spread over an area of 280,000 square meters, which are almost ready as well. The idea of the forest and its lakes is to serve as much a sanctuary for birds and animals, as for human recreational purposes.

The forest will be situated near the vicinity of the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works, where the plant will provide treated water to the fully automate irrigation system to support the project’s demands.

The QR 3.63 billion plant opened just in February of this year, and is the first in Qatar to treat sewage with ultrafiltration and ultraviolet technology. The filtered water from the plant will reduce the need of desalinated water for plants and crops in the area.

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