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Doha Comedy Festival Is Ready For Round Two

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Be ready to cry from laughter as the three-day long Doha Comedy Festival kicks off tomorrow.

Preparations are over and the show is about to start. Doha Comedy Festival are bringing you an epic line-up of 18 hilarious comedians and performers for this year’s show, from Qatar and all over the region.

After the success of the shows first run last year, they have tripled the number of talents for this year, to bring you uncontrollable laughter.

The extraordinary list of comedians include Badr Saleh, Fadi Al Shahry, Abdullah Saidan, Wadah Sewar, Ahmed Al Shammari, Ibrahim Khairallah, Mohammed Qaraawi, Rajai Kawas, Abdulrahman Al Shaikhi, Bashar Al Jazzaf, Zaid Al Soudaa, Mouad Alnafii, Mutassem Trabzoni, Nicholas Khoury, Ibrahim Saleh, ‘Shiyyab’, as well as the highly anticipated Qatari talents Hamad Al Amari and Mohammed Al Tamimi.

Doha Comedy Festival is part of Qatar Tourism Authority’s Qatar Summer Festival, and is organised by Social Studios. The event is expected to bring in people from all over the Arab World, including attendees from the KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE and Lebanon.

Tickets can be bought at any Virgin Megastore branch in Qatar or through their website, starting from QR145 to QR1,000. The event will be hosted at the Qatar National Convention Center August 18, 19 and 20. Doors open at 7:30 PM.


Day 1:
Bader Saleh, Fadi Al Shihri, Abdallah Al Saidan, Waddah Siwar, Ahmad Al Shammari, Hamad Al Ammari

Day 2:
Ibraheem Khairallah, Mohamad Al Qaraawi, Rajai Qawas, Abdelrahman Al Sheikhi, Bashar Al Gazzaf, Zaid Sowaida

Day 3:
Moyayad Al Nufaiai, Al Motassem Tarabzoni, Nickolas Khouri, Ibrahim Saleh, Sheyaab and Mohammad Tamimi

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