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Apollo 15: 45 Years Since Man’s First Cruise On The Moon

July 31, 2016 marks the 45 year anniversary of the Apollo 15 mission, the first to have a lunar rover

Today marks the 45th anniversary to the first moon rover cruise by the Apollo 15 mission.

The Apollo 15 mission was the ninth manned NASA mission in the Apollo program, and the fourth to ever land on the surface of the moon. What made this trip to the lunar surface more significant than the ones before, is the Lunar Roving Vehicle that the aspirants had with them. The Apollo 15 mission was given to privilege to explore more than ever before because of the LRV.

Today, the Apollo 15 mission is dubbed the most successful manned space voyage ever, by the scientists of NASA. It was astronauts David Scott and James Irwin who commandeered the ship towards the floating space rock, that clings on to our gravity.

All together, Scott and Irwin spent three days on the moon, including nearly 19 hours outside. They are two of very few from the human race, or in fact any race at all to wander off on the surface of the Earth’s moon. And they even had a cool ride with them.

The Lunar Roving Vehicle, also known as LRV or the lunar rover, is a the battery powered vehicle on four wheels used in the last three Apollo missions. It was first used in 1971 by the crew of the Apollo 15 mission, and later one by the Apollo 16 and 17 missions. These were the only three ever used, from four ever build with the purpose of roving the moon.

One LVR had enough space and power to carry two crew members across the rigid and rocky surface of the moon,as well as their equipment and lunar samples they have collected. But these lunar rovers all remain on the moon since it would take a lot of effort to bring them back.

Who knows, maybe some alien teenage boys are cruising around moon trying to impress aliem girls withhuman technology.

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