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Nawasi: Qatar’s Horse, Camel & Falcon Exhibition

Men riding camels in Qatar during the Qatar National Day. Nawasi is an exhibition focusing on the country's horse, camel and falcon culture.

Doha hosted the unique Nawasi exhibition, a special event celebrating the Arabic culture of equestrianism, camel racing and falconry. The three day event attracted an audience from all over the GCC, MENA region and the world.

Nawasi is the only event of its kind in Qatar, bringing together the largest possible number of horse, camel and falcon enthusiasts from all over the world. The event celebrates the Arabic culture which is deeply connected to horses, camels and falcons. These animals have aided Arab tribes survive in the desert for thousands of years, if not more.

The even circulates all aspects of the three animals, whether cultural or professional, as it served as a hub for equestrian, camel and falcon culture. Specialists and enthusiasts gathered to either display or discover the latest in trade, technology and veterinary science related to the three animals.

Bringing in people from all over the Arab World, exhibitors have not only been limited to the region. Participants have also made their way from the US, UK, Morocco, Hungary, Germany and Italy, among others. The number of Qatari exhibitors did not surpass 65% of the circa 100 installments.

Being set to become an annual event in Qatar, the event has already set Doha as a center for the world of horse, camel and falcon culture,, promoting both the nations heritage and industry related products.

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