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Benefits Of Having An Essential Oil Diffuser

Probably one of the least rated aromatherapy methods might be the most practical, the essential oil diffuser.

Aromatherapy is the use of plant materials and aromatic plant oils – like essential oils and other aroma compounds – to change your mood, as well as your cognitive, psychological or physical well-being.

Being both a form of complementary therapy, as well as alternative medicine, several studies have been conducted to discover the benefits of having an oil diffuser at home.

The first noticeable advantage of having an essential oil diffuser at home is that it helps with your relaxation and sleep. It is probably what essential oils are most famous for – their ability to help you relax and calm your senses after a hard day. Try some of the more soothing essences like chamomile, lavender or sage after work or before sleep.

Essential oils also have a mood-elevating effect. Not only does a diffuser help you unwind, but it can also help improve your mood, sparking an energy boost within you. Sweeter scents like sweet orange, jasmine, vanilla or sandalwood have proven effective in changing moods. Then again, who can be on edge whilst smelling jasmine or vanilla?

The not-so-known benefit of having an essential oil diffuser is its microbe-targeting effect. Oils of tea tree, rosemary, sage, lemon and thyme have anti-microbial effects, cleansing the air in your house as long as it is on. Other scents like clove, lemongrass and cedarwood have an insect-repelling effect, clearing your home of pests, and the germs they bring.

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