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Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Many of us have found out that sleeping is not always easy. There have been dozens of nights where you are ready to give in to tiredness , and to catch what’s playing in dreamland, but your body is just not cooperating to let you Sleep.

For those nights when you have to fight your body to loosen up and relax, here are few tips:

First step to get your body ready for sleep is breathing. Regulating your breaths can slow down your heart rate and relax your body making it easier for you to go to sleep. The reason this works is that when your breathing mimics the breaths you take while asleep, it can trigger your body’s cooperation. Take long, paced inhales, and slower exhales. Try not to think about relaxing as much as just relaxing.

Another great way to get your body ready for bed is pre-sleep yoga. Doing a few exercises before going to bed can relax your muscles and slightly tiring them. Do a good stretch for every muscle you can thinks of, but don’t over do it so you don’t hurt yourself. Then go into Child’s Pose for a good 2 minutes, followed by Standing Bends for half a minute.

One of the most effective ways to catch some great Z’s is to take a long warm bath a few minutes before your scheduled bedtime. The warm water will relax you from head to toe, and get you ready to embrace a pillow.

However, what you should stay away from before sleep is food and drinks, especially drinks containing caffeine. They will get your body tense, and make it work against your will to sleep.

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