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Spotify Expand Their Services

Millions of users already enjoy the smartphone music application Spotify as it is, but more is coming.

The Swedish music streaming app, Spotify, has announced that they will expand their video programs with a dozen new shows, all of which of course, are about music and pop-culture. It was reported that an episodes won’t be over 15 minutes, and will be available for both iOS and Android users, in countries where the app is operating. Reports also mentioned that after this phase, Spotify are looking into featuring more videos, like comedy and animation.

The announcement came to almost mark the company’s one year launch of their first videos, when they teamed up with partners like ESPN, MTV and Comedy Central. Some of the more successful programs from the apps previous launch include Rush Hour, a hip-hop special with legend Russell Simmons, where he brought artists together for remixes and mashups. And Landmark, a series of short documentaries about historical moments in music.

For those of you still living in the 1990s, Spotify is a Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast, and video service app, which allows you to stream music, create playlists and follow music news. They even let you download music onto your phone for offline listening. Launched on September 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify AB, they had 75 million users by 2015, and 30 million paying subscribers in March 2016.


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