7 Drops From Your 2015 Wardrobe

As you might have noticed, we are very fixated on the start of this upcoming summer season. As seasons change, so should your wardrobe. And when we say change your wardrobe, we don’t mean switching your jackets for tank tops, we mean keep what’s hot and lose what’s not.

To make decisions easier for you, we have set up a list of last year’s fashion trends that you should lose in 2016.


Wedge sneakers. They were in for a while and many pulled off the look, but since too many cheap knock-off designs are also in, they need to go.



Cutout Dresses: They look good… on some people. With cutout dresses it is very important that the dress is fitted and nothing spills out anywhere.



Lace Dresses: You want to be revealing, but at the same time look classy and chic. See-through lace dresses will draw attention, and it is not the attention you want.



Rompers: They look like you outgrew your childhood pajamas



Cropped Flares: These bad boys are actually really sexy, ONLY if you have the thighs and butt for them.


Platform sandals

Platform Sandals: We don’t even know why these were ever in. Nothing about them is classy. They look like a 80 year-old Siberian wilderness woman put them together



Layering: This was cute when you were 16. The whole idea of layering, not being able to choose one thing over the other, just as is sounds, makes you look childish.

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