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On HBO’s Series: Silicon Valley

When it comes to making series HBO have it going for them. To begin with their super famous series Game of Thrones is killing it. Nobody is not watching Game of Thrones, however i have been seeing another series by HBO which is of a completely different genre, which however happens to be super creative, witty, and fun to watch.

Silicon Valley is a series which revolves around the life of a group of tech savvy individuals. Teaming up to form a start up. The series is absolutely hilarious. For those of us who work in tech, and in the digital medium, this series makes so much sense and is so incredibly on point it never stops being funny.

Ironically enough, when someone with good technical knowledge in web views this series, they do not feel as though a bunch of amateurs have written the script, and story. Surprisingly enough, this series is extremely accurate even for individuals in the digital field. For instance when a software engineers watches this series, they do not feel like what the characters of this series are talking about it weird rather it is on point, flawless from a technical standpoint, and insanely funny.

The series brings together all characters you usually come across working in the tech industry, and what makes it so funny, is their witty representation of the issues each and every agency, start-up, or company usually go through. This series is insanely funny, and definitely recommended to watch!

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