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Sweden is Becoming Fossil Fuel Free

While wars are being waged for the control of the world’s oil and gas supplies, developed countries around the world are already on their way to becoming independent from fossil fuels.

The northern kingdom of Sweden is on the verge of becoming the world’s first fossil fuel-free nation, with more than half of its energy being produced from renewable fuel.

Last year, Sweden announced that they will be spending an extra $546 million on renewable energy and climate change action, beginning with their budget for 2016. Already, Sweden is producing 52% of their energy from renewable sources, 94% of which comes from hydropower.

In the city of Stockholm alone, nearly a million kilograms of food waste is collected every month and turned into 115,000 cubic meters of gas used by buses and taxis as fuel. Throughout the rest of the country, only 1% of household waste ends up in dumps, and 90% of all aluminum cans get recycled.

In fact, the swedes have been so good at recycling and using up their waste, that the government started buying trash from other countries. 950,000 homes get heat and 260,000 homes get electricity from Sweden’s trash burning plants. in 2014, Sweden had to import some 800,000 tons of trash from other countries to keep their heat plants running.

With a compost box outside almost every school and many houses, Sweden is rapidly becoming one of the cleanest nations on earth.

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