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New York City To Install Wireless Internet Stations In Place Of Old Payphones

When one walks the streets of an old city, one of the first things which comes to attention, is the old pay phone booths, they reminisce a time, when communications were scarcer, where individuals needed public access to a pay phone, rather than having any person’s contact information, or social media accounts within close reach.

nyc pay phone

Well, things are about to change drastically for the citizens of New York City. What New York has more recently come up with is an initiative where the old pay phones are instead replaced with wifi booths. Soon enough free wifi will be available all over the big apple.

It is a brilliant initiative which gives access to wireless connection to absolutely everyone from residents to tourists, and absolutely everyone. This is something we feel we will be seeing more of, and utilizing the old pay phones is also a super cool act, instead of adding space for these wireless internet booths, they will be transformed instead.

Technology has made our lives more interesting, much speedier, and has allowed us to excel in many ways, maybe this project can become a beacon of opportunity for individuals who do not have internet access at all times, and may find it challenging to connect to the internet, so making it available for everyone is something that is awesome.

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