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An Introduction To The Doha International Film Institute

One of the most significant and seen forms of art, is cinema. Film has allowed individuals to undergo a two hour fantasy, delving into a picture that takes them to different times, and space. Movies have become a truly accessible means for people to escape reality, and to relate to what is unseen to us.

One of the global organizations, who recognize art and purpose in film, has become a pioneer in the Doha International Film Institute is dedicated to film appreciation, education, and building a dynamic film industry in Qatar that focuses on nurturing regional storytellers while being entirely global in its scope.

This organization thrives on empowering youth and encouraging them to pursue their hopes in the film industry, organizing an annual festival titled “Ajyal Film Festival”, this festival is dedicated to the youth of both Qatar, and the world alike. This festival attracts individuals from 40 different nationalities participating with feature length pictures, and shorts.

The Doha film institute also organizes special screenings, of films, the most recent event they organize at the end of January included a tribute to Walt Disney, and they screened in an open air pop up film theater Disney’s beauty and the beast.

The DFI also offers multiple learning opportunities for individuals with a yearning for understanding and producing good films. They organize seminars, workshops, classes, and conferences in purpose of expanding the knowledge of film enthusiast, and rendering the industry constantly dynamic.

To learn more about the Doha Film Institute’s activities and events, visit their website.

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