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  • Uber drivers can now use mobile data to communicate with riders over VoIP
    What to know

    Uber Introduces Free Calls

    With the new VoIP feature, Uber drivers can communicate with riders directly through the app. Uber have announced that drivers and riders can communicate using the app by using the new…

  • Doha Metro by Qatar Rail will provide the people with a cheaper, faster and easier means of public transportation
    What to know

    Doha Metro To Offer Cheap Rides

    Doha commuters opting to ride the upcoming Doha Metro will have a cheap transportation alternative, Qatar Rail announced. During the first year of operation, Doha Metro will provide local commuters with…

  • drone delivery
    What to know

    Drone Delivery Service Soon In Doha

    After a series of successful test flights, Qatar Post and Ministry of Transport and Communications are looking into drone delivery. The Ministry’s Smart Innovations Labs and Qatar post have successfully conducted…

  • Qatar’s Boating Community Is Growing
    What to know

    Qatar’s Boating Community Is Growing

    The number of luxury yachts and boats in Qatar have risen to a point the government is including the country’s boating community in their plans. Boating is not new to Qatar,…

  • Qatar's Hamad Port render
    What to know

    Hamad Port Is Ready For Business

    Qatar’s long-awaited Hamad Port will become fully operational as of this upcoming Thursday. Starting December 1, Qatar’s new Hamad Port will start taking over the incoming and outgoing commercial shipments, becoming…

  • Qatar cabinet sets new taxi regulation law
    What to know

    New Taxi Law In Qatar

    It is now illegal to share a taxi with a stranger in Qatar. Yesterday the Qatari Cabinet approved a draft law that banned shared taxi rides throughout the country, and prohibited…

  • Toyota Looks Into Poop Powered Cars
    What to know

    Toyota Looks Into Poop Powered Cars

    You will never feel the same about going to the bathroom after you hear about Toyota’s poop powered car plans. The engineers at the Japanese car manufacturing giant Toyota have come up…