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  • Troubles falling asleep Get better sleep quality with these tips
    What to know

    5 Tips for Better Sleep Quality

    Having trouble falling asleep at nights? Many factors can affect the way you sleep, and we know how to beat them. Poor sleep quality doesn’t only affect your mood, but also…

  • A women holding shatafa while on the toilet
    What to know

    Toilet paper, Wet Wipes or Shatafa?

    While experts are suggesting people trading in toilet paper for wet wipes, Arabs say it’s time you meet the shatafa. Earlier this week, a headline on The Independent read: “stop using…

  • What to know

    Saving Money in Qatar

    As Qatar is expanding so is the cost of living. The rise in cost of living is not exclusive to Qatar, but the whole world. Through this world economy people are…

  • What to know

    Guide to The Perfect Sunglasses

    Summer is here and we are all worrying about that small piece of accessory that will give you edge and character, the sunglasses. No summer outfit is ever complete without a…

  • What to know

    Five Simple Tips For A Healthier Diet

    Eating healthy does not require us to visit the dietitian, and abiding to a strict diet that includes concentrated levels of proteins, reduced levels of carbohydrates, and barely any fat. So…

  • What to know

    How To Acquire Better Sleeping Habits

    Sleeping disorders can torment our lives, and coincidentally get our energies out of whack. Sleeping is one of the most important things we need to supply our brains and bodies with…