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  • Scientists have found a way to regrow teeth using stem cells and a low-power laser
    What to know

    Regrow Teeth With Stem Cells

    Believe it or not, scientist have found a way to regrow teeth using stem cells and a laser. Like something out of a science fiction movie, scientists might have found a…

  • Bacteria and leftover food are the main reason behind bad breath
    What to know

    How To Cure Bad Breath

    Having bad breath can not only damage one’s confidence and self-esteem, but could also be irritating to others. Yes, bad breath is bad for you, as well as those near you.…

  • cure hurting tooth pain with one of these toothache remedies
    What to read

    Natural Toothache Home Remedies

    There are few things in this world that are as annoying and painful as a toothache. Learn how you can easily cure it at home. Everyone hates that restless pain of…

  • Should You Be Using Mouthwash
    What to know

    Should You Be Using Mouthwash?

    You might be used to your dentist telling you to always remember to brush and floss, but never to use mouthwash, how come? Surprisingly, mouthwash is not what most people think…