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  • An ouija board is said to help mediums communicate with the dead
    What to know

    History of The Ouija Board

    Some of us have tried it ourselves, others know it from horror movies, but we are freaked out from it – the ouija. With claims such as giving us the ability…

  • Monopoly cheaters edition for players who cheat - hasbro
    What to know

    Make Way for Monopoly: Cheaters Edition

    Hasbro has just revealed a new version of the popular Monopoly board game, the cheaters edition. In my opinion, if you never cheated when playing Monopoly, you never really understood the…

  • A new kratos is coming to playstation 4 in God of War 4 game
    What to know

    God of War Trailer is Out

    Prepare yourself for a new Kratos and new world in the eighth installment of the God of War game for Playstation 4. A re-imagined Kratos is returning for another epic adventure…