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  • A Harvard professor claims that coconut oil is pure poison and contains too much saturated fat
    What to know

    Coconut Oil Is Pure Poison?

    A Harvard scientist is claiming that coconut oil is “pure poison” and “one of the worst things you can eat”. While millions around the world consider it a superfood, Dr. Karin…

  • What to know

    Eight Healthy Uses For Coconut Oil

    Lately I have been given a very weird gift. It came in a bottle, and it wasn’t alcohol, or any other spirit. However to my luck the gift consisted of coconut…

  • What to make

    DIY Home Made Coconut Oil Scrub

    Scrubs are really important for your skin, they help cast away the residues of whatever has come under your it, and they rejuvenate, revitalize, and freshen up your skin, whether used…