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  • Faux Freckles Temporary Freckles Tattoos (for illustrative purposes)
    What to wear

    Faux Freckles Temporary Freckles Tattoos

    A California start-up named Faux Freckles create a way to get you the sun-kissed look of freckles in minutes. There’s something about freckles that just captivates and mesmerizes. They remind you…

  • What to wear

    History Of The Choker

    The 90s choker is back in style after being dead for over a decade. Do you know where it originated and what it has symbolized throughout history? The trend of wear…

  • the Snapchat Spectacles
    What to wear

    Snapchat Has Confirmed Spectacles

    Snapchat just confirmed the company’s first hardware, the Spectacles. It has been confirmed that Snapchat, recently re-named Snap Inc., is releasing a pair of glasses that come with a mounted camera,…

  • Hjiab dominates New York Fashion Week
    What to wear

    Hjiab dominates New York Fashion Week

    For the first time ever, a Muslim fashion designer presents a collection with Hijab in every outfit at the New York Fashion Week. Fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan from Indonesia, amazed crowds…

  • Fashion Must Haves Autumn/Winter 2016
    What to wear

    Fashion Must Haves Autumn/Winter 2016

    Started looking for your winter wardrobe? We can help you stay trendy and prepare your fashion must haves autumn/winter 2016. It is already September and your summer wardrobe won’t serve you…

  • What to wear

    Creating The Perfect Arm Party

    This one is for both men and women, when it comes to giving edge to your outfit, nothing gives a statement as strong as an arm party. However chic or stylish arm…

  • What to wear

    Kenzo x H&M: The Next Big Thing

    H&M are collaborating with Kenzo and we know what it means… Next season’s top sellers are in the making. We all remember the panic at H&M’s stores during last November’s release…