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Light Me Lusail: Qatar’s First International Light Festival

Are you ready for Light Me Lusail, the first international light festival in Qatar

Prepare yourself for the most magical art experience in Qatar’s history with Light Me Lusail.

For the first time in Qatar, Light Me Lusail is a three-day international light festival with marvelous art installations from various international artists.

Preparations are underway and organizers are promising us a dazzling experience like nothing we have seen before.

From December 6 until 8, the Lusail Marina Eastern Promenade will be turned into an illuminated art installation inspired by the heritage and future of Qatar.

Light art is a form of applied art that uses light as the main medium of expression.

The festival will feature installations from the internationally acclaimed Portuguese artist and co-founder of Ocubo, Nuno Maya, who has received numerous awards for his light video mapping projections, interactive light projections and cultural projects.

His two-part installation will explore the heritage and future of Qatar, according to the organizers said on Twitter.

“In a two-part installation representing what the Country was and what it will be
The concept of the passage is not only explored by the public walking from one sculpture to another, but through the perception of time,” the tweet said.

Another installation to keep an eye out for is NEST, a collaborative project between Indian light designers and architects Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar, that explores the exceptional architecture of the Australian bowerbird’s nest.

The festival will be held daily, from 6.00 pm to 11:30 pm, and is free to all visitors. And don’t forget to bring your power banks, because you will be taking tons of beautiful pictures.


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