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India Is On A Tiger Hunt Using Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men

Civetone, a pheromone found in Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men, attracts tigers

There’s actually a very scientific reason that makes tigers are attracted to Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men.

A group of forest rangers in central India are trying to lure a vicious 5-year-old female tiger, known as T-1, who is a suspect in 13 murders over the span of more than two years. How do you lure a tiger out of the jungle? Using Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men of course.

Authorities have tried to catch T-1 over and over again, using different and innovative methods but with no luck. Now, their last hope lies in the popular 1986 cologne.

The reason tigers (as well as leopards, jaguars and other big cats) are attracted to Obsession for Men is an ingredient called civetone. Civetone is a pheromone that is secreted from a small animal found in tropical Asia and Africa, and is used in many popular men’s colognes.

Back in the day, cevitone was collected directly from the civet’s perineal glands, which are located very close to their anus. Today however, most of it is synthetic, made in labs.

It takes a small whiff of civetone to drive big cats crazy. Some zoos even spray around their enclosement intentionally to make them play around in it. Wildlife photographers have also been known to use the pheromone to attract big cats and catch them in playful poses.

Does Obsession for Men it have the same effect on women? Women might find it mildly attractive, but no. It would have otherwise been the only thing men ever bought.

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