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Get To Know Léa the Label

Lebanese designer Lea Daaboul creates sustainable swimwear using eco-friendly fashion - Lea the Label

Lebanese designer Léa Daaboul, creator of Léa the Label, believes in sustainable premium swimwear.

You might have heard that our oceans are filled with plastic waste, rapidly polluting the waters and destroying marine life. But Lebanese designer Léa Daaboul is fighting water pollution with fashion.

The first thing on my mind when I read “sustainable swimwear” was how can swimwear be sustainable? And the answer was much simpler than I ever expected.

“We want to focus more on ethical fashion using the highest luxury eco-friendly fabrics for an affordable price, and offer staple pieces to ensure our consumers that years down the line, their swimwear is still durable and in style,” she explained to Vogue Arabia.

The stop word there was eco-friendly fabrics. While there are many ways fabric can be eco-friendly, Léa focuses on creating her designs using fabric made from the very materials that are pollution and destroying the world’s oceans.

Léa the Label works with ECONYL®, an organization that makes nylon yarn from wastes such as fishing nets, fluff, industrial plastic and byproducts that are collected by coastal communities across the world. In Italy, these recycled yarns are turned into eco-friendly, sustainable fabric that Léa uses to create premium swimsuits and beachwear.

But the fabric isn’t only “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” because it is made from recycled material, but because it is durable and lasting.

Léa says that her suits are resistant to to chlorine and suntan oils, and are even UV protective. But most importantly, they are designed to last, remain smooth, always fit, and never go out of fashion.

Born in Lebanon, Léa Daaboul says that she was influenced by her childhood, because in Lebanon “being at the beach was a daily summer activity.”

With a fashion degree from ESMOD, Paris, she’s involved in every aspect of the creation of her swimwear lines, from concept and design to sewing and manufacturing.

To keep up to date with her latest designs, follow her on Instagram, or visit her website to learn more about Léa the Label or to buy from the webstore.

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