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Netflix Teams Up With David Attenborough For Our World

Our World documentary series brought to you by Netflix and David Attenborough

Award-winning naturalist David Attenborough has accepted to join Netflix for docu-series named Our World.

Over the past sixty years, Sir David Attenborough has made a career and name for himself presenting nature documentaries – like Planet Earth and Blue Planet – for BCC. Now he has signed on for a eight-part documentary series with Netflix.

Sir Attenborough will lend the streaming network his captivating voice, narrating as the series explores the far corners of the Earth in search of precious lifeforms.

Named ‘Our Planet’, the series was created in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and will be dealing with shedding light on the conditions of endangered species.

“Today we have become the greatest threat to the health of our home but there’s still time for us to address the challenges we’ve created, if we act now,” Attenborough said during a WWF event in London.

“We need the world to pay attention. Our Planet brings together some of the world’s best filmmakers and conservationists and I’m delighted to help bring this important story to millions of people worldwide,” he continued.

The series required four years of filming in more than 50 countries. More than 600 crew members worked on capturing over three thousand days-worth of footage.

Our Planet is scheduled to be released on Netflix on April 5, 2019.

Eager David Attenborough fans don’t need to wait that to see him on the screen. He will be voicing the BBC series Dynasty, which will premiere on November 11.

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