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What Is Wasmi Season & What Should You Expect?

Qatar should expect heavy rainfall and drop in temperatures during wasmi season

The Qatar Meteorology Department announced the start of Wasmi season today, but what does it mean?

Residents of Qatar might have noticed a change in climate over the past few days, most noticeably, the giant dust cloud that engulfed the capital Doha yesterday. With reports about rainfall in the northern part of the country, the Qatar Meteorology Department announced that Wasmi season started.

The following video was shared on their Facebook profile, showing relatively heavy rainfall in the north.

‏📌 فيديو لأمطار الخير شمال ⁧‫#قطر‬⁩ اللهم صيباً نافعاً

Posted by Qatar Meteorology Department on Monday, October 15, 2018

Wasmi season is the Qatari term for rain season, during which the country witnesses a drop in temperatures, winds, storms and heavy rainfall for 52 days.

It is an important time for Qatar since it is this rain that will promote germification, and help certain plants grow. This time is also regarded to as the official start of winter.

During Wasmi season, residents are advised to take precautions and expect sudden rain or dust clouds, as well as low visibility. Drivers should drive slowly and more carefully, and people should try to cover their faces while outside.

Temperatures have already started to drop, and will hit as low as 20 degrees Celsius during Wasmi, and a maximum high of 35 degrees. Expect the days to be relatively warmer than the nights, during which you might want to put on a sleeved sweater or light jacket.

The Meteorology Department said that rainfall should not exceed average levels until December.

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