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The World’s New Favorite Pet: The Goat

Goats can be perfect pets, just like a dog

Although they are known to be pretty stubborn, goats will in fact make great pets and form close bond with owners.

When you hear the word pet, the first thing that comes to your mind is a dog or a cat, or even a goldfish or a hamster, but very few people would goat. Well that stops now, because goats could be the perfect pets.

Before we go into details about why they are good pets, let’s talk about why they aren’t.

Goats are needy animals, you can’t just keep them in a small room and expect them to make minimal movement. They are nosey, curious and stubborn, and will explore, climb and bite everything they can around them.

They also need hay, which is essential to their nutritional health, along with clean water, a salt lick, and a bit of room to move. If you’re ready to put with all these needs, then you’re ready to adopt a goat.

Goats have an innate herd mentality, but with the herd missing, they will follow the next group they are part of, you. These little rascals will grow fond of you and learn to walk by your side and play with you.

If their cuteness haven’t won you over, this definitely will.

A recent study revealed that domesticated goats have learned to read and react to human facial expressions. Your goat will know what you’re feeling, and will approach you accordingly, somewhat like a dog.

This might just make goats the perfect pet. They don’t need to learn commands, because they will follow you around and never run away. And they will also love you forever and take care of you when you feel down. If this isn’t an emotional support animal, then we don’t know what is.

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