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3 Ways To Reduce Hair Loss

massage, protein and cold water are all good methods to fight hair loss

Come on people, if there’s one thing we hate losing, it is our beautiful, thick, healthy hair. But we don’t have to.

Hair loss is one of the roots to low self esteem and confidence in both men and women. While many wait until it is too late to look for solution, you can start early and protect your hair from hair loss before it becomes serious.


Hair is basically protein, which is why you need to stack up if you want stronger, fuller hair. Protein is also responsible for the production of bones, cartilage and skin. So when ones protein intake is low, your body will automatically stop producing of non-essential protein, such as hair.


A head massage can stimulate blood flow to the head area and will keep nutrients flowing to yor hair follicles. Get someone to massage your head at least once a week, preferably using castor oil.

Cold Wash

There’s nothing that feels better than showering in steaming hot water, but when it comes to your hair, the colder the better. Warm water will dry out your hair, so always try to, even if you shower with warm water, to finish cleansing your hair using cold water.

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